Panotools 2.8.0 Unlimited for PTGUI/MacOSX

Attached to this post you'll find an archive containing an updated, FOV-unlimited version of the PanoTools 2.8.0 library for OSX as a Universal Binary. This has been tested with PTGUI 6 beta 8 on both Intel and PowerPC systems. I've also added a download link (at the bottom of the page) for enblend25 Universal version, from the Hugin folks.

Installation Notes

Copy the PanoTools.bundle file from the download into the same folder as your PTGUI application. For instance, if you installed in: /Applications/PTGUI/ then put PanoTools.bundle here: /Applications/PTGUI/PanoTools.bundle In other words, just make sure and PanoTools.bundle are side-by-side wherever they are, and you should be fine. No further configuration is needed - I don't know why there is an option for the path in Preferences, but it doesn't seem to be needed.


These are very old files; I noticed that this page is still linked to from so I'm keeping the page alive. I haven't used the PanoTools library in PTGUI for several years - I just use the built-in PTGUI stitcher. I do ocassionally use enblend still, but I use the version available through MacPorts. Once you've successfully installed MacPorts, just run the following command in sudo port install enblend


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